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The Friedelsheim GSPs breeding between VC Sundance Bones Fork Zane vd Jacob and Friedelsheim's Prairie Fire was whelped in late July 2022. This breeding has a strong emphasis on producing an outstanding dual quality versatile gun dog for the field and family. Derived from a heavy concentration of many generations of AKC and NAVHDA tested and proven dogs, this breeding is bound to produce a high-performance dog that is pleasure to the eye and that unyielding desire and drive in the field and water. Puppies out of this breeding will shine in NAVHDA, AKC Hunt Tests, and many more competition and hunting venues.

Zane is the son of VC Jacob vd Westwind MH and Sundance Zanes Kimber. Zane is a proven wild bird dog that has also shined in the NAVHDA system.  He has been hunted throughout the US on a variety of upland birds and lives with Jason Stanely of Bone Fork Kennels in Texas. 

Cobie is the daughter of VC Friedelsheim's High Octane MH and Friedelsheim's Resurrection MH. She is a linebred Friedelsheim female that has demonstrated she has the desired traits required in an outstanding versatile bred GSP. She has a great balance of drive, cooperation and field composure. From a young age Cobie has been hunted regularly during the season in the Dakotas, Iowa, Kansas, Saskatchewan, and Texas. A true family companion Cobie interacts well with all family members, and lives in the home.

This litter will be AKC and NAVHDA Registered. This litter will be whelped in Texas






Natural Ability Prize I - 110pts

Utility Test Prize I - 201pts

Invitational Pass - 197 pts

Whelped - 09/15/2016

Weight - 65 lbs

Height - 26"

Hips - OFA Good (GSP-18645G24M-PI)

Elbows - OFA Normal (GSP-EL3528M24-PI)

Coat - Medium Dense / Medium Harsh

Bite - Normal (NAVHDA)

Eyes - Normal (NAVHDA)


Natural Ability Prize III - 98pts



Whelped -  05/16/2018

Weight - 55 lbs

Height - 23.5"

Hips - OFA Good (GSP-19681G25F-NOPI)

Elbow - OFA Normal (GSP-EL4331F25-NOPI)

Coat - Medium Dense / Medium Harsh

Bite - Normal (NAVHDA)

Eyes - Normal (NAVHDA)

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