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Friedelsheim GSPs has a litter in North Carolina out of Lukas vom Stillwater NA II and Friedelsheim's Tar Heel Annie UT II. This outstanding breeding has a strong emphasis on producing a high caliber dual quality versatile gun dog that will have a sound temperament and will excel in the field, marsh, and as a member of the family.

Lukas is the son of VC Sundance Zane vd Westwind MH and Friedelsheim's Nirvana. Lukas comes from a long line of proven hunting and testing dogs, and is an exceptional wild bird hunter himself. Lukas has hunted in ND, KS. MI, ID, and OH. He has been hunted on Pheasant, Bobwhite and California quail, Ruffed and Sharptail grouse,Hungarian and Chukar Partridge as well as waterfowl. Lukas has shown to be true to his genetics with a great nose, desire and style in the field and water. Lukas has a great disposition and is a terrific member of the family. Lukas is owned by the Tate Stratton (Stillwater GSPs) and family of central OH.

Annie is the daughter of VC Sundance Revelation MH  and Joule vom Bergland NAI.   Annie has a great work ethic, stable temperament, high desire.  She is light on her feet and can cover  some real estate in a hurry, very athletic.  She exhibits tremendous speed on the ground and has close to medium range, depending upon the cover.  She is one of those dogs that has that “switch” – laid back in the house (where she lives) and wide open in the field. She also has a built in duck search – one exposure to the concept and she had it, a  4 duck search is her standard.  

This litter will be AKC and NAVHDA registered. Please contact Mike Zlotnicki at or 919-812-7626. Puppies are priced at $1200





Natural Ability Prize II - 108pts

Whelped -  05/26/2014

Weight - 62 lbs

Height - 25"

Hips - OFA Pending

Coat - Dense / Medium Harsh

Bite - Normal (NAVHDA)

Eyes - Normal (NAVHDA)




NAVHDA NA Test Prize II - 108 pts
NAVHDA UT Test Prize II - 184 pts

Whelped -  05/02/2012

Weight - 52 lbs

Height - 23"

Hips - OFA Excellent

Coat - Medium Dense / Medium Harsh

Bite - Normal (NAVHDA)

Eyes - Normal (NAVHDA)

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