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Friedelsheim GSPs is anticipating a July 2024 litter between Hans and Dutchess. This breeding has a strong emphasis on producing a high caliber dual quality versatile gun dog that will have a sound temperament and will excel in the field, marsh, and as a member of the family. We are expecting the puppies out of this breeding to excel in NAVHDA, AKC Hunt Tests and Field Trials, Conformation, and many more hunting venues.

Hans is from the 2019 Friedelshiem breeding of DC AFC VC Friedelsheim's Freight Train Mason MH and Friedelsheim's Mayhem. His presence and power in the field is eye catching. His desire to work and field application is thorough and intense. Hans was a natural duck search dog from the beginning and took to the task with enthusiasm and power.  Hans lives in the home and is a member of the family.

Dutchess is a sound female from our 2018 breeding between VC Friedelsheim's Wildflight Otis and Friedelsheim's Sage. Dutchess is a very athletic female with determination, stamina, and confidence. Dutchess is hunted on a full-time basis throughout the North Dakota season and shines as a guide dog with Prairie Raider Outfitters. She always gives you 100%. 

This litter will be AKC and NAVHDA registered. Please contact us for more information. 





Natural Ability Prize II - 103pts

Utility Prize I - 204pts

Invitational Pass - 195pts

Whelped -  03/21/2019

Weight - 65 lbs

Height - 25"

Hips - PENNHIP LT.15  RT.20 33MO

Coat - Dense / Medium Harsh

Bite - Normal (NAVHDA)

Eyes - Normal (NAVHDA)

DNA Profiled (DNA NAV- GS509440)


Natural Ability Prize I - 110pts

Whelped - 03/05/2018

Weight - 52 lbs

Height - 23"

Hips - OFA Good GSP-19746G27F-VPI

Coat - Dense / Medium Harsh

Bite - Normal (NAVHDA)

Eyes - Normal (NAVHDA)

DNA Profiled - (DNA NAV- GS485925)

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