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Cooper is a dual quality versatile hunting MACHINE. He is the son of VC Sundance Revelation MH x VC Gilly vom Bergland and has demonstrated he has all the necessary characteristics required in a versatile hunting dog. His performances on the Kansas, NoDak and MT prairie and in the salt marshes of Maryland's Eastern Shore have been outstanding. He is a true work horse when it comes to getting the job done!! Only FROZEN SEMEN AVAILABLE to Approved Females.

5 Generation Pedigree


Natural Ability Prize I - 105pts

Utility Prize I - 201pts

Invitational Pass - 188pts

Whelped -  02/26/2008 -04/22/2020

Weight - 68 lbs

Height - 26"

Hips - OFA Excellent (GSP-15002E40M-VPI)

Coat - Medium Dense / Medium Harsh

Bite - Normal (NAVHDA)

Eyes - Normal (NAVHDA)

DNA Profiled (V623445)

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